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Why to become a member of the Taxi Direct NB?

In order to earn extra money with your car!

Only Taxi Direct NB accepts all cars, including private cars, and offers wide choice of services to customers.
Your vehicle will be displayed on our map, added on several platforms and related applications to have more visibility, more customers, more choice, more revenue.
In addition, members of the Taxi Direct can publish their ads on the site FOR FREE.

Who can be a member of the Taxi Direct NB?

The owner of a vehicle who wishes to earn money with his car and who accepts the General Terms and the Driver's Rules of Use, may become a Member of the Taxi Direct NB.

What kind of service can a member provide?

Transportation of passengers, luxury transport, suitable transport for wheelchairs, driver with car, group transportation, delivery, battery boost, door unlocking.

How much does it cost?

The member pays the fixed monthly fee for his car to be added to our system.
There are no other fees or percentages to pay.
Membership fee depends on the group to which the member belongs. They are located between $ 20 and $ 100 per month, plus tax (15%).


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